Trapezoidal sheets

TA-Aluform® trapezoidal profile 20/125

TA-Aluform® trapezoidal profile 20/125

Our TA-Aluform® trapezoidal profile 20/125 is a versatile profile that is suitable for both roof and wall applications. It is available in Aluminium, steel and stainless steel, offering a wide choice of materials for different needs. The stock colors are listed in the overview, while other RAL and special colors are available on request. In addition, our trapezoidal sheets can be manufactured with or without foil or anti-condensation fleece.

With a maximum length of 9 m and a minimum length of 500 mm, our TA-Aluform® trapezoidal profiles 20/125 offer flexible application possibilities for various construction projects. The specific load capacities are available in our tables in the download area.

Our TA-Aluform® trapezoidal profiles 20/125 are manufactured in our own production facility in Dortmund/Germany in compliance with the highest quality standards and are CE-certified. To ensure that they are protected during transportation, storage and installation, we provide important unloading and storage instructions as well as detailed installation instructions in our download area.

TA-Aluform® trapezoidal profile 20/125

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Bearing color



Here you will find an overview of the most important documents for our TA-Aluform® trapezoidal profile 20/125, which you can download to get a comprehensive overview.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Technical data sheet


Declaration of performance

Load table

Load table (anodizing)

Unloading and storage instructions



Matching accessories

In the diagram below you will find the corresponding accessories for the TA-Aluform® trapezoidal profile 20/125. By selecting screws or spherical caps and clicking on the respective application or surface, you will receive the appropriate product names.

E-X T25 DRILL RS 12 4.8 x 35

E-X RS 16 6.0 x 38

E-X drill RS 16 6.5 x 65 - KB 0 - 32 mm

E-X T25 DRILL 2 12 5.5 x 25

E-X DRILL 3 16 5.5 x 26
E-X DRILL 3 16 5.5 x 38

E-X DRILL 3 HT 16 5.5 x 70
E-X DRILL 3 HT 22 5.5 x 70

E-X RS 14 4.8 x 20

E-X RS 16 6.0 x 22

  • Calottes trapezoid 20/125 aluminum blank
  • Calotte trapezoid 20/125 Stucco
  • Spherical caps Trapez 20/125 RAL 7016
  • Spherical caps Trapez 20/125 RAL 7035
  • Spherical caps Trapez 20/125 RAL 8011
  • Spherical caps Trapez 20/125 RAL 8012
  • Spherical caps Trapez 20/125 RAL 8014
  • Spherical caps Trapez 20/125 RAL 9002
  • Spherical caps Trapez 20/125 RAL 9006
  • Spherical caps Trapez 20/125 RAL 9007
  • Spherical caps Trapez 20/125 RAL 9010

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