From hardware retailer to full-service component specialist

We have embodied tradition, quality and expertise since 1899. As a proud family business, we have undergone an impressive development over the years from a hardware store to a leading full-service component specialist for sheet metal and door and gate systems in industrial construction.

Our recipe for success lies in a clear performance promise: We accompany industrial construction projects from start to finish and consistently focus on the highest quality - from the first expert check to the final installation.

With our headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, we are firmly rooted in the region and proud to share our expertise across Germany. In addition to the head office, we have two other branches, one near Freiburg and one near Leipzig, to be even closer to our customers. Through our local sales teams in the main markets, we are able to serve customers not only in Germany, but across Europe and beyond.

In Dortmund itself, we operate two other locations in addition to our headquarters, including a logistics center and, since 2023, our own production facility for profiled sheets. This expansion enables us to act not only as a dealer, but also as a manufacturer in the metal service sector. We are thus setting new standards and strengthening our position, as we can respond to our customers' needs even more individually as a reliable partner.

Put your trust in us - as part of your project.

As experts in building components, we make industrial construction projects better, more efficient and more sustainable - with every part sold, with every consultation, every day. Because we know how to do it - as a partner to the industry and experts in the sector.


We are the reliable partner.

Technical expertise

We are experts in building components.


We make properties in industrial construction better, more efficient and more sustainable - with every part sold, with every consultation.


Tacke + Lindemann is your strong partner, providing the best answers to the challenges of modern industrial construction from our range of special components. With our wide range of high-quality components, we specialize in meeting the requirements of your projects and finding solutions together with you.


As experts in building components, we improve properties in industrial construction sustainably - with every part sold, with every consultation, every day. Our know-how as a partner to industry and experts in the sector enables us to make construction projects better, more efficient and more sustainable. Put your trust in Tacke + Lindemann as your reliable partner for excellent building components and first-class service.


Our own Talix brand stands for high-quality installation accessories for industrial insulation and roof and façade construction, consisting of classic fastening technology, technical articles and special tools.

The name Talix reflects our expertise and history. Talix combines the initial letters of Tacke+ Lindemannwith the letter X, which stands for "expert", as well as for the flexible, customized solution that we offer you.

Graphic explaining how the name of the Talix own brand is made up.

Career with Tacke + Lindemann

Performance-oriented team players wanted

As a full-service component specialist, we deliver the best solutions for modern industrial construction. How do we achieve this? With a powerful team of creative minds and energetic hands that work passionately and with all their might for our customers every day. Interested?

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