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Tacke + Lindemann sells high-quality door locking technology from renowned manufacturers such as dormakaba, GEZE, Assa Abloy and Hekatron. The solutions range from barrier-free door situations with high access convenience to individual fire protection and systems for escape and rescue routes. With a wide range of products, we ensure that our customers have access to innovative and reliable door locking technologies that meet their specific requirements.

Door closer
Door closer

Door closers on external and internal doors not only help to increase security, but also to minimize energy consumption. They are prescribed by the building authorities, particularly in areas with an increased risk of fire or smoke. The free swing function enables fire doors to be passed through with virtually no resistance, which is an advantage for barrier-free construction both indoors and outdoors.

At Tacke + Lindemann , we offer a wide range of door closers from leading brand manufacturers in various designs. We will work with you to find the model that best suits your application to ensure both security standards and energy efficiency.

Hold-open systems

Hold-open systems enable the barrier-free use of fire doors in your building. They are also used to keep fire closures such as fire doors, smoke control doors, roller shutters, etc. open during operating hours. In the event of a fire or smoke development, the hold-open systems ensure that the fire protection closures or smoke barriers close securely.


A hold-open system is made up of several components:

  • Energy supply
  • Locking device (holding magnet with armature plate)
  • Fire detection element
  • Manual release button


Hold-open systems are subject to authorization and must be installed and regularly checked by certified personnel. With Tacke + Lindemann , you have the right partner at your side to provide you with high-quality, standard-compliant hold-open systems. Rely on our experience and expertise for maximum safety in your building.

Door opener

Door openers (also known as electric door openers) enable a door to be unlocked via a contact signal from inside the house.

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