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Wide range of alloys and surface structures according to your wishes

Our TA-Lumin is a versatile material that is used in industrial insulation, roof and facade construction and many other applications. With an extensive selection of common alloys such as 3xxx, 5xxx and 10xxx as well as various surface structures, we offer you a wide range of options. But that's not all - our Metal Service Center enables us to respond to your individual requirements. Whether you need special formats for sheets or special sizes for coils, we manufacture according to your specifications and cut both lengthwise and crosswise. In this way, you receive customized and precise products that are perfectly tailored to your project. In addition, we offer a variety of wrapping options to ensure that your metals are optimally protected during transportation and processing.

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High-quality coating for demanding applications

At Tacke + Lindemann , aluminum is coil-coated with high-quality wet paint systems to ensure outstanding quality and durability.

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Formability and robustness in perfection

Our TA-Falz aluminum in folded quality offers a wide range of applications thanks to wet-painted sheets and strips with high flexibility. The high formability enables easy processing and opens up creative and individual application possibilities, whether for roofs, facades or more.

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