Steel and facade construction

Steel and facade construction

In recent years, we at Tacke + Lindemann have optimized and expanded our product range in the metal sector. Today, our company stands for a comprehensive range of materials and accessories for the daily needs of metal construction, especially for steel and hall builders. As an integral part of lightweight metal construction, we supply high-quality profiled sheets for roof and facade construction.

Our range comprises a total of 9 trapezoidal and 3 corrugated profiles, which can be manufactured from Aluminium, steel and stainless steel. We offer a wide range of stock colors as well as other RAL and special colors and coatings to choose from. We also offer a comprehensive range of accessories that includes matching flashings, spherical caps, screws and much more to fully equip construction projects.

To complement our wide range of metal products for steel and hall construction, we sell carefully selected door and gate systems. These can either be purchased as stock items or we offer customized solutions according to specific project requirements.

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