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Our TA-Steel offers an excellent solution for your projects. By working with long-standing suppliers, we ensure a nearly consistent surface finish, even with deliveries from different batches. Compliance with the required layer thickness of the galvanizing is guaranteed by seamless documentation. The protective coating applied as standard reduces the risk of white rust and protects the sheet metal from slight damage during processing.

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Our TA-Steelcolor products are wet-painted steel sheets in various thicknesses. Thanks to the high-quality wet coating, these steel sheets not only have an attractive color, but are also effectively protected from external influences. The paint is applied by coil coating, which ensures uniform color distribution within each batch and optimum color stability between different batches. This is particularly important for larger construction projects where consistency and quality are crucial. With TA-Steelcolor , you can count on reliability and aesthetic appeal in equal measure.

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TA-Platal Sheets are the perfect solution for maintaining a clear overview in pipe insulation. They are coated with a colored 200 mµ PVC film that focuses not only on aesthetics but also on functionality. Thanks to the colored PVC film, the numerous pipes and lines through which different substances are transported can be assigned to the different media in complex industrial plants and buildings. This approach not only contributes to more efficient working methods, but also to safety and quality control in various processes. The PVC film also increases corrosion resistance.

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