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The danger with escape route doors is unauthorized use, which is why controlled access is crucial. Tacke + Lindemann offers a variety of products to ensure that escape routes remain clear and can be monitored in a controlled manner at the same time.

Escape route systems

Intelligent door technology plays a crucial role in the efficient evacuation of buildings, especially in emergencies such as fires. Our products not only offer easy opening in an emergency, but also ensure reliable protection against misuse in everyday use. Whether simple orientation aids, electronic and mechanical escape door guards or complex networking with fire alarm systems, we offer the right solution and will be happy to advise you.

Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms fulfill the important function of drawing attention to the development of smoke by emitting a signal tone and thus providing early warning of possible fires. Equipped with an independent power supply, they can be integrated into existing fire alarm systems, depending on the design.


In an emergency, clear orientation is vital. At Tacke + Lindemann , you not only receive the right escape and rescue route signage, but also comprehensive advice to ensure that your facility is optimally prepared for possible emergency situations.

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