Tacke + LindemannSpecialized Wholsaler for industry and building construction

Tacke + Lindemann is a family company based in Dortmund. The company is divided in two business areas and offers individual services and products for each branch. 'Metalservice' includes trading and processing of mostly of aluminium, stainless steel and other metal related products and services. The business concept 'Door and Gate Solution' includes access control, locking systems and other door and gate related products Tacke + Lindemann also offers project planning for doors and gates for construction sites.
  • 2022

    Expansion of the bearing capacities

    Im Jahr 2022 wurden die Lagerkapazitäten mit dem Erwerb einer Gewerbeimmobilie an der Dortmunder Ezzestraße erweitert. Im Dortmunder Westen ist Tacke + Lindemann nun mit 3 Standorten vertreten.

  • 2018-2020

    Reinforcement in the contract business

    In order to expand its competencies in the field of door and gate systems, Tacke + Lindemann has acquired several specialist companies - 2018 the Essen-based security technology specialist B + S - - 2019 the company Wöhrmann gewerbliche Tür- und Torsysteme GmbH - - 2020 the company Klejnot Bauelemente - In order to focus more strongly on industry and construction companies and thus be able to react appropriately to the changed framework conditions, Tacke + Lindemann no longer sells to private customers as of 2020.

  • 2018

    Conversion of the business and office premises at Beratgerstrasse 31 and 33

    In 2018, the office and business premises were extensively remodeled. The retail store was relocated and significantly enlarged. With an impressive door exhibition with functioning door technology, a specialist store around the door was created.

  • 2015

    Metal Service - New business segment Pre-painted Aluminum for Roof + Facade

    In order to expand the metal trade, Tacke + Lindemann is constantly on the lookout for new, suitable customer groups. In the roofing materials trade, the demand for pre-painted aluminum is high. Tacke + Lindemann is developing strong own brands that are tailored to the needs of the specialist trade. From 2015, a sales offensive is launched, the products from TA-lumin to TA-Falz are very popular with customers.

  • 2013

    Expansion of the storage capacity at the kleine Beratgerstraße 11

    In order to meet the increased demand for metal services, Tacke + Lindemann moves into the former business premises of Kühne Spedition in the immediate vicinity of its headquarters.

  • 2006

    Expansion of the business premises on Beratgerstrasse

    To compensate for the increased space requirements, Tacke + Lindemann acquires the neighboring building at Beratgerstraße 33

  • 2000

    Admission Daniel Tacke

    Daniel Tacke is the fourth generation of the Tacke family to join the company.

  • 1991

    Opening of the branch in Leipzig

    After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Tacke + Lindemann opens its first branch in Leipzig. In the following years, the business in East Germany expands and Tacke + Lindemann succeeds in establishing a strong regular clientele. The branch is still in operation today and is now located nearby in Merseburg.

  • 1978/79

    Development special fastener

    A special cap lock is developed for a major industrial customer. The foundation stone for the lock technology range is laid. With further in-house developments, Tacke + Lindemann now even becomes a producer.

  • 1975

    Move to the industrial area

    As the business premises on Lindemannstraße have become too small, Tacke + Lindemann acquires a plot of land in Oberdorstfeld and builds a commercial property with warehouse and offices on it. The business in Lindemannstraße is initially operated in parallel. Almost 50 years later, the headquarters of Tacke + Lindemann are still located in this building.

  • 1964

    The hardware store becomes a metal trade

    After switching to field service, Jürgen Tacke learns of the lucrative perforated plate business through a customer inquiry. He expands the product range and various perforated sheets are stocked. At this time, Tacke + Lindemann is the only dealer in Europe to stock perforated sheets. This lays the foundation for today's metal trade. Customers from industry recommend Tacke + Lindemann as a reliable supplier and demand increases. Later, the product range is expanded to include solid sheets.

  • 1962

    Move to Lindemannstrasse

    At the end of 1961, the location on the old Mühlenstraße becomes way too small. In a freshly renovated residential building with a business unit at Lindemannstraße 13, the company moves into the store, garages (as storage) and a floor with offices

  • 1961

    Admission Jürgen Tacke

    On 01.07.1961 August Tacke's son, Jürgen Tacke, joins the company. Also in 1961, the Lindemann family is paid off, the company name, which is now known nationwide, remains until today.

  • 1949

    50th anniversary of the company

    1949 the company Tacke + Lindemann celebrates its 50th anniversary

  • 1945-1948

    Relocation of the business premises to the alter Mühlenweg 44

    After the destruction of the business premises at Kuckelke and Stiftstraße, the store is temporarily relocated to a bunker under the Trompetenbrunnen. A short time later, the new store is set up at the alter Mühlenweg 44 in the dance hall of a restaurant. Initially, the bowling alley is used as a warehouse.

  • 1944

    Complete destruction of the business premises during the Second World War

    The business premises of Tacke + Lindemann are completely destroyed by a bombing raid in 1944. The only thing August Tacke is able to salvage from the rubble is a safe, which is still in use at Tacke + Lindemann today.

  • 1936

    Takeover of the business by August Tacke

    In 1936, August Tacke joined his father's business after the death of the company founder Bruno Tacke. The son of Carl Lindemann, Walter Lindemann, decides against a career in the hardware trade and studies. The Lindemann family remained shareholders until the beginning of the 1960s.

  • 1900-1930

    Expansion at Kuckelke and Stiftstraße

    The business of Tacke + Lindemann grows steadily and the business premises are expanded. With a store at Kuckelke 21 and at Stiftstraße 16, which are connected via the inner courtyard, Tacke + Lindemann meets the growing demand.

  • 1899

    Founding year

    In der Kuckelke 21 eröffnen Bruno Tacke und Carl Lindemann am 01. April 1899 ihr Eisenwarengeschäft.